Rashtriya Shiksha Sansthan Parishad Punjab
Ratto wal 143529 PB

RESERVATIONS: As per rules of the GOVERNMENT OF India, provision for reservation of seats in all course, is available to scheduled castes, scheduled Tribes, widows of Army men, Ex-Army men, Backward and handicapped students.

FREE – EDUCATION: As per the decision of Rashtriya Shiksha Sansthan Parishad Punjab Sept. 2000 is celebrated as hindi diwas, the prisoners, destitutes men and women of orphanages are eligible to get admission, after obtaining the permission of concerned superintendent / magistrate etc. Under this scheme seats are reserved and there is also complete exemption from fee. These students are provided scholarship and textbooks free of cost. If the permission from declaring himself, his / her status, directly to parish ad’ office. In this condition the candidate has to pay half of the fee. Such candidates may be provided with facilities for appearing in examination in jail without paying any exam fee, after getting the permission of authority concerned.

PARISHAD WILL PROVIDE FREE EDUCATION AND STUD MATERIAL TO ADIS &CANCER PATIENT: The copies of parishad’s activities are forwarded to education, labour, employment, technology, welfare & home / state / national human rghts commission and other related ministries and AICTE, UGC, NCTE, IRC, BCI and related departments of all state and central Govt. & Union Territories for information.

1. Student will have to regularly participate in the contact progrommes of the parishad.

2. Students should apply for admission only after considering the profit and loss and after obtaining necessary permission from parents and guardians.

3. In the event of their participation, submission of examination from, the examination fee will not be refunded.

4. If a candidate desires to participate in the exams in the following year only 50% of the examination fee will be waived. There will be concession in any other fee.

5. If a candidate desires to participate in the exams in the next year, he will have to submit an application again.

6. Exams are arranged in the month of June and December every year. Information about commencement of examination date can obtained separately.

7. In order to take part in the examinations candidates must submit their Examination from by 30th march for the may examination and 30th October for the December examination with all fees to the Punjab office. Last date to submit their from with Rs. 250/- ass last fee upto 30 days.

8. All the examinations conducted by, the parishad are based on the open continuing & distance education system. Students who pass in all parts will get certificates / Upadhi Patras.

9. Students who change, address, subject and course after admission will have to pay Rs 200/- and extra respectively for purpose. Two months after the application and admission and no change whatsoever shall be entertained nor any fee refunded.

10. students should clearly indicate name of the center and their subjects in the application forms. Normally any change in the center and subject is not permissible. Examinees should be particular in selecting the examination center and subject and mention in the examination.

11. Rashtriya Shiksha Sansthan prishad Punjab is recognized by various educational boards and universities of India & Abroad.Various boards and universities are free either to admit or not admit the students of prishad in their boards and universities. Boards and Hon’ble court have treated students passed from prishad equivalent for admission and employment. AICTE/NCTE/UGC are autonomous bodies. Prishad is not getting any grant from them.

12. On the request of students prishad can arrange annual examination and ,online examination and home examination due to any disability of body by asking them to deposit requite fees. Home examination means, in special circumstance examination will write his/her examination at their home in the presence of examiner appointed by prishad. Evaluation will be done by head office.

13. If any student/Member/Teacher/Empolyees of a center or institution have any dispute with his institution, it will be resolved through the Arbitator/Committee appointed by parishad. The decision of the arbitrator shall final and binding on all parties. Direct invitation of the court will not be permissible. IN ANY CIRCUMTANCES SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION OF LUCKNOW ONLY.RSSP PB. DONT HAVE ANY BRANCH.

14. Medium: Rashtriya shiksha sansthan prishad Punjab provide distance/part time courses in Hindi and English medium only. However, if there is a facility, in affiliated collages for teaching in regional or other languages students may be allowed to write their answers in that languages.