Rashtriya Shiksha Santhan Parshad Punjab
RATTOWAL 143529 ( PB. )

The dream to establishing Rashtriya shiksha Santhan Parishad Punjab Rattowal 143529 was seeded in mind of Rajesh Kumar by Harold Wilson, the Britsh Prime Minister and Mr. Vijay Aggarwal Founder Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad, UP wanted to impart world class distance education with meaningful, quality education to the students and other learns. Rashtriya Shiksha Santhan Parishad Punjab Rattowal 143529 vision is to import various distance education courses to the students of economically different background needy unemployed widows and poor peoples. Due to his efforts, distance education, is becoming more and more prominent all over India and more and instructors and students are becoming involved in both the technical and educational aspect of distance education. It is important to understand distance education related terminology if the instruction and delivery is to be university by all people involved. Rastriya Shiksha Sansthan Parishad Punjab 143529. Its aim is to become a role model in distance education and be globally recognized. Parishad wants to incorporate syllabus, which satisfy modern requirements and to provide inter disciplinary course of study and to allow flexibility in the curriculum mix as opted for by the students and user agencies. Rashtriya Shikksha Sansthan Parishad Punjab 143529 wants to establish relations with rewound Indian and foreign universities and facilitate mutual exchange programmes.